Photograph of Andaç Karay Kudu

Hi, I'm Andaç Karay Kudu!

I am good at designing softwares & systems, improving code quality, managing projects, cultivating team culture, training, mentoring and solving problems.

When I'm not working, I enjoy cycling, playing musical instruments, learning new languages, playing video games, drinking good coffee, enjoying daily life of beautiful city of İzmir and more.

If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, my usernames are @airydragon for english and @akkuducom for turkish contents.

People Are Saying

I have had a few hours of lessons with Andy now and I’m sure I’ll be using him again in the near future.

Each time he came well prepared and he even went the extra mile after our call to help me put into practice his advice and to review my code.

There were multiple ‘lightbulb’ moments from our calls that have really helped me to improve my programming. Andy is able to explain things in a very clear and understandable way. He is also very good at explaining the different ways to do things and his opinions on the pros and cons of each way.

He helped point out a lot of code smells and taught me not only how to fix them but also how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their Ruby skills and knowledge to hire Andy.

— Kevin Dias (@diasks2)

For me, he is a software arthitect who also has vast engineering and development experience. Fun to work with him too. He makes formal work environments to think again.

Definetely recommend him.

— Caner Çakmak (@canercak)